The BlacKoyote      

We all have a story right? It may be smoother than another’s, it could be a little more rocky. . The point is we are all here, living life. Now my life may not hold any importance to you and that is one hundred percent okay ..On the other hand it could and my world might possibly relate to you.

“Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days” - Flannery O’Connor

That is one of the only statements I have ever believed to be true and I stand by it. Is it true for everyone? Maybe not, but for me it is. By sixteen I experienced more things than some forty year olds. By eighteen I saw the world differently and being here at twenty two I cannot believe all of the things I have made it thru.

Those experiences are neither here nor there. Maybe i’ll make a novel out of them one day. . but for now all you need to know is that those experiences have made me who I am. .  So who is  the 
blac Koyote? It's me  Jessica Coggswell .

A real person. Yes, those still exist. I work hard for what I have and I continue to work toward the things I want. . even when they do not seem possible by other people, it doesn’t stop me. As far as I am concerned I was given one life. I’m risking everything while I can.

Growing up I was a Pageant baby and an All Star Cheerleader. Moving thru life my Mother saw my passion for dance and in a way forced me to dedicate my life to it. As well as hers. . My mother worked three jobs to pay for my classes at a pre-professional dance school I became an award winning Soloist, a member of the USA Tap team in 2008, and a Business Woman. At eighteen I graduated and saw no point in paying thousands of dollars to sit in pointless lectures at a university when I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. To keep my Dad happy I enrolled in online schooling.  . .Got a scholarship to an acting school. . got signed to an agency. . went on tour as a backup dancer. . He was thrilled. Just kidding he was pissed. Supportive but livid. You see the majority of my family expected me to do something with Law. . Which I still deal  with -  when I sign contracts for gigs ;)

Anywho, In that one year I discovered who I really was, without the influence of others. Leading into another amazing year where I worked side by side with one of MAC's most prestigious Artists. My Mentor began to notice my talent for makeup and started teaching me everything she knew. I then followed my eye for makeup & fashion. . which is what led me to creating VIA J. #viaj was a signature I put on any work I had done (originally as a joke) “via j” a fancier way of saying “by Jess.” By taking it more seriously it pushed me into deeper thoughts..

I had created a blog in high school that was strictly about my life as a dancer. It was an advice column and a day to day of what a competitive dancer goes thru. Inspiring me to create something that would make sense in my growing life. Via J. Via J was thought to be a little bit of everything. . dance, makeup artistry, an everyday girl  - someone just about anybody could relate to and come to for advice.

As that took off I came across an audition for a performance based nightclub located in Boston. There is where I became and held the title of Resident Performer until the recent closing of the company. Many don’t know this but I auditioned with a broken ankle and did a performance using my kitchen chair as a prop. Makeup alone was not satisfying me and a friend that realized that, was the one who found the audition. She gave me this information the night before the audition date. I stayed up all night to create that piece. Specifically choreographing it to avoid the use of my ankle. . A little pain goes a long way.

In the this past year, I have been fortunate enough to make friends with the right people and become recognizable for my hard work. Most importantly to get noticed as a writer, my true passion. The one thing I have always wanted to do without anyone telling me to. Friends, colleagues. . really started to pick up on my blogs. They related and started asking more questions. . so I sat there and I gave advice to one person later finding another friend would have the same question. about hair, or makeup, or dance, or fitness, or men(boys), my life. And that is when I realized that there needs to be a site with all of this information. There needs to be a place that someone can go to for reference.. with a soul controlling it. But not just any soul.. a truthful one, a real person experiencing all of these things with the ability to give feedback.. I had that ( VIA J ) . I had already created it.. It just had to be better. . 
                                               Welcome to Blac Koyote .
So where did " Blac Koyote" come from ?         
It was actually simpliar than most, including myself would think. You see I've wanted to rebrand for a while now. I wanted a site that combindes all of my passions BUT involving others who seek the same things. I wanted a company. Something that can and will grow. 

So I was driving one day.. on one of my many commutes... bored out of my mind. And I started thinking. 

My mom has always called me her little coyote cause I was obsessed with the movie coyote ugly when I was younger. She continues to call me it because I am both a bartender and dancer.. and just got an offer to do both at the same time.. but a coyote is a coyote. 

A black coyote is a rarity. And legend has it that it was a stubborn man that never gave in to society.  BOOM! I have a company name. Made the logo. Rebranded. Made the website. Done deal. Or so I thought. 

Created everything, studpidly procrastinated buying the domain, and some jerk wants 1k for it...shhmuck....sooo I got creative.... and now we find ourselves with a more orginal name anyway. "Everything happens for a reason." - #blacKoyote.