if there is anything to learn from experiences it's what not to do, And believe it because you will have accumulated a million more "not to dos" each year of life.

The older you get the more things become clear. The more you start to create the person you want to be and embrace yourself for who you truely are. 

With that being said, it's hard to determine who you are with the world it is today. You are expected to become many different things but judged as soon as you actually become them. 

What's funnier is that the judgement comes from the insecurity of others. A lot of people don't believe you can accomplish certain things and they don't like to be wrong. 

They are what we like to call 'haters.' and haters they will stay. BUT life would be boring without them, So, who cares. 

Growing up I find myself getting more in depth with the things I desire. By embracing those things - I see both sides, positive and negative responses.

However, I regret holding back for so long because at the end of the day.. the good out weighs the bad. And that's what matters. This world gave us the chance to live our lives and make a difference. Why waste the opportunity? 


I hesitated for so long to show off what I was doing in my everyday life. Fearful of what people might think on social media. What I found was multiple platforms of marketing, to reach out to those who don't know me yet... but might want to. 

And you know what, by doing that I have opened many doors for myself. That's why I am sharing this with all of you and attempting to create a brand where you will always have a platform for your art and your market. 

A safe place to work and create and venture out. 
As much as this is a professional site for artists and creators. It is here for individuals that just find passion in the arts. 

This is a platform to find and experience maybe something you don't on a regular basis. 

Whatever it may be. Professional or curiosity, BlacKoyote is here. We want to hear about all your stories. 

Your diet transformation, your writers block, the last photoshoot you did, your run in with a cutie at your local coffee shop ... e-mail us or stay in the loop with all our media platforms. 

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                             -Jessica Coggswell

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